Top 10 Reasons Why NASCAR Racing Is Stupid

Racing SportI even have been a fan of NASCAR as long as I can bear in mind. As a small boy in the early 1960’s, I remember sitting on the porch swing with my dad and grandfather listening to the races on the radio, long earlier than it ever came to television Every Sunday afternoon after lunch the men folk would gather across the radio and take heed to the race pulling for folks like Junior Johnson, Fireball Roberts and others.

You most likely have not executed any formal research, so I’ll aid you out: Wikipedia is ‘crowdsourced’, which means that anyone can contribute and anybody can edit it. Even you can add your own web page asserting that NASCAR is a sport. Sure, there are generally sources at the backside, but there is not any mechanism guaranteeing that the creator(s) of the web page actually understands the sources or even took the time to read them. Wikis aren’t exactly ‘peer reviewed.’ If you want to be an actual researcher, you would possibly want to truly click on on the supply, read the source, and vet the supply.

I read the enter from the readers and find that there appears to be a typical thread, no one appears to like NASCAR the way in which it’s. Even the those who claim they will all the time be followers seem to be in settlement that it’s damaged and there is no fast repair. I solely watched a bit of of Talledega, but I do not feel like I am missing anything. I have not seen any of the chase races, do not really care, soccer has began, NASCAR is not racing anymore, just males driving in circles with promoting on their cars.

I agree fully with the article. Its not an actual sport. Even if it was, you could never see the most effective athletes in it. The limitation of access created by the money needed to participate on any level of automobile racing guidelines out most anyone with athletic aspirations. If working required high-end entry to money, no one would know the identify Usain Bolt and the world document for the a hundred meters can be a couple seconds slower. We have know concept who the very best drivers are, we only know who the best drivers with entry to loads of cash are, and I simply don’t occur to care.

A restrictor plate is a moderating gadget first, a supposed safety system second. A helmet is for safety first. A wreck at a lot over 150 mph will not be good anyway you look a it, but that’s racing. Think of it this fashion. A restrictor plate slows your speed, so does towing an anchor behind you. Come to think of it, that may be a better solution to get rid of bumper to bumper racing for 500 miles. (You wanna move? Just give it your finest shot…) NASCAR eradicated me as a fan when physique templates had been introduced. Stock my ass. Cookie cutter, and most everybody I know agrees. Let NASCAR die and something will come up from the ashes in swift style. You know, go all the way down to the vendor, purchase RWD something, put in a rollcage, good tires, remove all glass, go racing. And you possibly can still use a helmet Stephanie.