Admit It; You Want Butt Lifting Leggings Too!

Some showbiz and entertainment pundits believe there’s a lot of pressure to look like stars known for their flashy butts. That makes many young women seek to augment their buttocks with gym routines that would make Schwarzenegger sweat, others opt for plastic surgeries, and some more conservative ones seek the help of clothing explicitly designed to make their derriere a much more eye-catching focal point. But where does this obsession come from?

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Historically, we can say that women in the Victorian era wore polysons – a frame tied around the waist – to enhance their buttocks. Various butt enhancement techniques have been part of the female world for years.

A woman’s body has always been an indication of society’s aspirations: muscular thinness is preferred in capitalist countries, while ample curves are more admired in more impoverished places, a voluptuous body is a sign of good health and fertility.

Nowadays, derived from the female figure’s idealized image that appears more and more frequently in movies, magazines, websites, and music videos, it is becoming widespread for both artists and ordinary men to look for women with “more curves.”

References to the so-called “booty” (a colloquial term derived from ‘bottom’) is a constant in the lyrics of rap and hip hop songs. Beyoncé herself used the word “Bootylicious,” a fusion of “booty” and “delicious” to reinforce the importance of the quality.

The upper female torso’s emphasis has recently given way to the lower body, specifically the buttocks. Such a shift occurred more than 30 years ago when denim jeans became fashionable. To emphasize the fit, jeans manufacturers accentuated the hips. And after branded jeans became so popular with the designer’s name on the hip pocket, even more accentuation was given to the back. The more jeans sales increased, the more advertisements were used that emphasized the butt. This particular area would eventually overtake breasts as the female body’s number one sexual image, hence the boom in butt lifting leggings.

For women (and some men, too) who want to do everything they can to look more physically attractive to their current or potential partners, the most affordable solution is butt lifting leggings. This garment is characterized by not having back pockets so as not to distract the eye. Analyzing the molds makes it possible to find a series of clips on the waistband that gather the fabric and naturally create volume.

You can also find upper seams in the shape of a heart as if to contain the buttocks. Even a few years ago, spring was embedded in the bottom to push the muscles upwards. Today these springs are already included in the shape of the fabric itself. They are not visible, a technology that even major brands have begun to implement, adjusting the lower abdomen and containing the hips so that the visual effect is a success.

Now that you know what’s behind this trend run to buy your butt lifting leggings, you will not go unnoticed!