Basic Techniques for Playing Soccer, and How to Do It

The basic techniques of playing football are actually various. In order for players to appear perfect, they need an understanding of basic soccer techniques and their explanations in order to help a team win.

As one of the most popular sports, football is widely played and studied by many people. When viewed from the television screen, the basic techniques of playing football by the players seem easy to do. But in fact it is not that easy.
In competing, each team is required to bring 11 players to compete on the field. Both teams will compete on the field for 2 x 45 minutes in normal time.
So it takes basic techniques to play football and good physical support in order to win the game.

The author summarizes some of the basic techniques that soccer players need to master along with their explanations. Here are 7 basic soccer techniques and their explanations:

Dribbling Technique

In football, dribbling is one of the basic techniques that players need to master. This technique is used by players to control and move the ball.

There are at least 2 dribbling techniques that can be done by players. Namely speed dribbling and closed dribbling.
Speed ​​dribbling is when a player throws the ball forward and chases it quickly.
While closed dribbling is done by controlling the ball full of the ball when it is safe from the opponent.
Players must also pay attention to the part of the foot that can be used to dribble. There are two sides of the foot that can be used, namely the inner leg and the ridge of the foot.

Passing the Ball

Passing the ball is done to send the ball from one player to another. Football is a team game, so each player must master the technique of passing the ball well to his partner.
Passing the ball must be done correctly so that the ball reaches the intended player. So increasing the portion of practice will make your ball pass accuracy better.
To pass the ball, the player must be in the right position and focus on the intended player. Then, swing the foot and pass the ball to the target player.
Players can use 3 parts of their feet to be able to pass the ball. Namely the inside of the foot, the outside of the foot and the ridge of the foot.

Kick the Ball

In order to score a goal against the opponent’s goal, a player needs to master the technique of kicking the ball well.
In this technique, a player needs to pay attention to 2 things, namely strength and accuracy. A player requires sufficient strength in kicking the ball, as well as the right accuracy so that the ball can slide in the intended direction.
The trick, players can square off before kicking the ball. Then put one foot as a pedestal when shooting. Finally, kick the ball and adjust the power to the target distance.

Control the Ball

No less important than other basic techniques, controlling the ball or trapping must also be mastered by football players. Trapping is done when the player receives the ball and controls it well.
This trapping technique is also important so that the ball does not bounce and belongs to the opponent.
The trick is that players can hold the ball with the soles of their feet. Then, control the ball using the inside of the foot.

Heading the Ball

Football players not only use their feet in playing, players can also use their heads to play ball.
Heading the ball is done when the ball cannot be reached because it is too high. This technique can be done to pass and net the ball into the opponent’s goal.
The trick, the player heads the ball using the front of the head or forehead so that the ball can slide directional and powerful.

Ball Snatch Technique

This technique also needs to be mastered by a player before competing against other teams. This technique is usually used when taking the ball from an opposing player. To be perfect, then you must be good at reading your opponent’s movements.
In addition, this technique can also stop the flow of the ball from the opponent who wants to send a pass to his partner. Simply stop the ball with your feet when it reaches your opponent’s feet.
The thing that must be considered in this technique is that the player may only take the ball, not the opponent’s foot. If it is wrong then the act can be considered as a violation by the referee.

Technique of Catching the Ball

Actually this technique is a basic technique that must be mastered by a goalkeeper. Because, it has become the main task of the goalkeeper to secure his goal from being conceded.
So he must act swiftly in catching the ball that slides into the net.
There are at least 2 techniques in catching the ball. First catch the ball up. Then the second catch the ball down.
Top ball catch, over ball catch is used when the incoming ball is above your waist and head. The trick is to make sure your hands always resemble the letter W.