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Cricket is a team sport that is played between two groups of eleven people each. The modern form of cricket starts in England, and the sport is popular in Commonwealth countries. In some countries in South Asia, for example India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, cricket is the most popular sport. Cricket is also an important sport in England and Wales, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe and the Caribbean region whose population speaks English (called the West Indies).

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Cricket is a game that uses a bat (“bat”) and a ball. The object of the game is to score more runs (numbers) than other teams. Cricket can last up to five days and can last six hours or more each day.

How to Play Effective Cricket: Rules, Tips and Cricket Secrets

Much like baseball, cricket is a bat-and-ball sport played by two teams, called squads. Each team has a total of eleven players. In each segment of the game, or round, two teams switch between fielding and alternating hitting. The eleven players on each team consist of strikers, called batsmen, fielders and bowlers. During the game, two referees or referees maintain order in the game and make sure all players follow the rules. In the event of an error, the referee calls it and gives a fine and other consequences accordingly.

How to play effectively by keeping track of rules

Being an effective cricketer can be achieved by first familiarizing yourself with the basic rules of the game. Like all other sports, every mistake made during a match has been punished. Not only does that sanction make a careless squad look bad, but punishment is also a good way to rack up scores for the opposing team. To prevent this, each player must have a clear understanding of the crystal of the game and what the penalty is. The following are four good examples of penalties that give the batting team an extra walk every time the agile team makes a mistake:

There is no ball



Bye feet

If the bowler either does a bowl improperly or steps out of his folds popping or returning, he recognizes the penalty of not the ball, which gives the batting team an additional one. An area occurs when he bowls the ball away from the batsmen. In the event that the ball hits the body of the batsmans wicketkeeper or fails to catch the ball, the batting team gets one or more additional (s); Such sanctions are called feet and bye bye.