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Here’s a checklist containing common misconceptions. Many people imagine these information are true however they are not. How many do/did you imagine?

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The Nice Wall of China Is the Only Human-Made Object Seen view siteÂ… From the Moon/House

Seasons Are Attributable to How Close the Earth Is to the Sun


When a Meteor/Spacecraft Enters the Environment the Warmth of Entry Is Caused by Friction

Older Elephants Do Not Leave the Herd and Go to an Elephant Graveyard to Die

Lemmings Have interaction in Mass Suicidal Dives off Cliffs When Migrating


Ostriches Stick Their Heads within the Sand to Hide From Enemies

Goldfish Have a Reminiscence Span of Just a Few Seconds

When an Earthworms Is Minimize in Half It Becomes Two Earthworms


Daddy Longlegs Are the Most Venomous Spider in the World

Evolution Attempts to Explain the Origin of Life/Origin of the Universe


Evolution Is a Progression From Inferior to Superior Organisms Resulting Increase in Complexity

Sleeping in a Closed Room With Electric Fan Will Trigger Fan Dying

Swimming Much less Than an Hour After Consuming Can Cause Abdomen Cramps/Drowning

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