Price of the Honda CB150R ExMotion 2019, Review, Specifications & Pictures

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This time, Honda also launched the latest variant of its motorsport. Present in the 150cc sport motorbike class, this brand-new motorbike named the Honda CB150R ExMotion has been sold at Honda Bicycle dealership wheels Honda bike dealers which are currently enlivened by sport motorcycles with a quite high engine capacity. With this latest motorcycle product, Honda is expected to compete with its main rivals in the same motorcycle class.

Reportedly the Honda CB150R ExMotion has a 4 stroke engine with 4 valve DOHC, with the engine the Honda CB150R ExMotion is capable of producing greater power and torque. Also, the latest motorcycle from Honda is also equipped with PGM-Fi technology as a fuel supply system that will make this performance motorbike more resilient but still economical in consuming fuel. But what is the approximate price of this Honda CB150R ExMotion? and what are the advantages of this motorsport? for more details, let us refer to reviews of the Latest Honda CB150R ExMotion Specifications and Prices below.

Design and Dimensions

Seeing the design of the Honda CB150R ExMotion this does look very attractive and also futuristic. Where on the 150cc sport motorbike this one embedded some motorcycle exterior features that make look cooler. Starting from the front side of the motor, this section has installed a futuristic headlamp by relying on LED type lights that able to make the lighting in the front sector become brighter and also focused. Also, the Honda CB150R ExMotion is equipped with a fully digital speedometer panel that can provide a variety of information about the motor clearly and precisely.

Well comparable to the price of the Honda CB150R ExMotion which is quite expensive, this motorbike is also equipped with a large motorized tank and can accommodate about 8.5 liters of fuel. Also, the 150cc sport motorbike from Honda is also equipped with a soft seat so that it can provide driving comfort to each rider. On the other hand, the Honda CB150R ExMotion sport motorbike also has the right size dimensions wherein the specification of this motor has a length of about 1,973 mm with a width reaching 822 mm and has a motor height reaching 1,053 mm. As a result, besides being easy to drive, this motorbike also has a very good balance when driven at high speed.