4 Famous Football Leagues And Their Advantages

Football is a very popular sport that is played in over 200 countries and dependencies by an estimated 250 million players in the world. It is the most popular sport globally. European football is controlled and administered by a governing body known as the Union of European football association (UEFA).

There are so many leagues in the world but there are four most famous of them. These leagues gained their fame through the number of European trophies won a degree of competitiveness, television viewership, glamour, UEFA coefficient, etc. The most famous football leagues in the world are in Europe.

Their popularity is determined based on the number of fans attendance, competitiveness, quality of the game, excitement and star power. Based on these criteria, the four most famous leagues are the German Bundesliga, Italia Serie A, the English premier league and the Spanish La Liga respectively. Matches from these leagues are available on various websites that conduct betting. One can bet on one of the best leagues and through one of the best websites such as  BlueBet AFL betting.


This is a German league with 18 football clubs. It is regularly dominated by Bayern Munich which has won an overwhelming 27 titles. Its regular football season starts in August and ends in May of the following year.

The league makes an estimated revenue of 3375 million Euros in a season. Most league games are commonly played on Saturdays and Sunday with a few exceptional ones that are played during the weekend. The league uses the promotion and relegation system to keep the league more competitive and entertaining.

In 2017-2018 seasons, Bundesliga was ranked fourth in Europe according to UEFA coefficient. This was based on the performance of the league’s club over the previous five seasons. Bundesliga is broadcasted to over 200 countries across the world.

The league’s major advantage is that they have the highest average match attendance of 40,000 fan attendance among all of the five other famous leagues. This statistic is made possible by its clubs large stadiums and their relatively cheap tickets.

Serie A

This the topmost team in the Italian football league system. The league has 18 teams in its ranks competition the Serie A title each season. The league has been running for over 80 years from when it was established in the 1929-1930 season.

To most Serie A is viewed as the world most tactical national league. It’s known for its defensive style of football but this is changing with time as the league recorded 1123 goals in the 2016-2017 seasons proving to a very entertaining league.

The league has over the years seen many of its team reach the European cup finalist producing the most of all the top leagues. Teams from Serie A have been to 27 European cup finals and have won it on 12 occasions. According to the UEFA league coefficient, Serie A is ranked third globally.

English premier league

This English team has 20 clubs competing for the title each season. It uses the relegation and promotion system within it local leagues keeping it highly entertaining. Its regular season starts from August and ends in May.

Each team in the league plays 38 per season. Majority of its league games are normally played on Saturday and Sunday. 2.2 billion Euros are generated each year from domestic fans attendances and television broadcastings.

It’s the world most viewed league with an audience of 4.7 billion fans being broadcasted to 212 countries. Its the second average highest fans attendance with 36000 fans per match. English premier league enjoys the advantage of the Greenwich Mean Time

La Liga

The league has 20 teams contesting for its title each season and the last three worse performing teams being relegated. It’s the best team in Europe according to UEFA league coefficient due to its team’s performance on the European stage. The league has won the most champions leagues (18).

Clubs from the league have also won 11 Europa leagues and an outstanding 7 world cup titles. From the past four seasons, all UEFA champions league have been won by teams from La Liga. It is termed as the most entertaining thanks to the existence of South American players (Argentines and Brazilians) who have blended with the culture as well as language.