Food and Fitness Often Go Together When Creating Healthy Lifestyles

Getting in shape is an admirable goal. However, it’s important to really give some thought to the state of fitness in one’s area. This isn’t meant to be rude. But you simply need to look around to see that the state of people’s fitness isn’t exactly great. It’s bad and getting progressively worse almost everywhere. 

But we can get a better handle on things by focusing on one specific location. Let’s take a look at how Utah is doing and create a plan of action from there. In 2017 a large scale investigation showed that 61% of the adult population of Utah is overweight or obese. That number might, and certainly should, be shocking. It basically means that over half of the adult population in Utah is of a weight that puts their health at risk. 

And if not health, it certainly places their overall quality of life at risk. And given that one should be in a healthy weight range before getting in shape it leads to an important question. Why is weight in such a rough spot in Utah, and really the developed world in general? The answer can also be found in those same statistics. Back in 1989 39.3% of Utah’s population was overweight or obese. Basically, it went from less than half to significantly more than half. 

So what’s the biggest difference related to weight that we can see between now and 1989? It’s true that there’s many smaller factors. For example, desk jobs are certainly more common. But it’s probable that the largest factor is dietary. Fast food has gone from an occasional indulgence to a national pastime. And frozen meals packed with empty calories are the norm compared to cooking with fresh ingredients. 

It’s obviously impossible to know exactly what’s to blame for the change in people’s weight. But it’s quite probable that most of it does come down to diet. But, what diet can hurt diet can also fix. That’s why anyone who wants to get in shape should look into any nutrition plans utah. It’s a style that’s perfectly adapted to the tastes and sensibilities of people in the area. 

And that’s really the best way to improve one’s overall health. When you decide to make a positive change you’re not in a vacuum. You have to take the overall culture and mood of an area in mind as well. You’re not moving along on your own. You’re working with the tastes instilled in you by your parents, your neighbors your friends and your family. 

A nutrition plan made locally will take all of that in mind. And that’s often what makes or breaks one’s ability to stick with it. We can keep going with a healthy lifestyle if it’s easily integrated into our life. But that’s often only possible when it takes our tastes and subjective experiences in mind. Not to mention that local style makes it easier to get others into the plan as well. And fitness is always easier and more fun when others join in.