5 Golf Clothing Styles and Ideas You Should Consider as a Beginner

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Invented in the 15th century and first played in Scotland, Golf is an individual sport in which players hit a small ball into a series of round holes using various clubs.

The aim of the game is to get the ball into the hole with the least number of strokes as possible. Golf is one of the most popular games in the world. Apart from being one of the most lucrative sports, people also engage in golf for fun and recreation.

Golf attire and clothing styles are always a topic of discussion, especially among golf beginners. Most people browse about Rock Bottom Golf on selecting suitable golf clothing. There are other platforms as well which can satisfy a beginner’s curiosity on how to choose golf outfits. Under  fashion shop reviews, a plethora of assessments have been made on sports outfits including golf wears. A great knowledge of golf clothing styles is important as some people can get turned away from a golf club because of wearing the wrong attire.

Here are ideas on golf clothing styles, especially for a beginner:

·         Collared Polo Shirts: As a golf player, your polo shirt should have a collar. Whether it is short sleeved or long sleeved does not usually matter. However, slight preferences may be made for women players. It is generally advised you put on what makes you comfortable as the weather and climate condition may influence your pick. Cotton materials are usually better in cooler areas while synthetic fabrics are better in warmer locations.

·         Pants/Shorts: Often, a collared polo shirt is tucked into pants. Khaki is usually a great choice. The bottom of pants are often expected to meet the top of the shoes. Shorts are mostly for warmer days. Jeans are often a no-no for golf and there are no colour specifications.

·         Shoes: Arguably, shoes are the most prevalent accessory in your golf outfit. This is because the game requires lots of standing and walking and bending. The wrong shoes may get you uncomfortable and can even injure your feet. For a golf beginner, you can make use of sneakers as golf shoes can be a bit expensive. There are golf shoes with spikes and ones without spikes. If you choose to go for golf shoes as a beginner, you should inquire about what suits you most. High heels, sandals, running shoes are not often allowed.

·         Socks and Belts: Just as your shoes, choosing an unsuitable socks can make you uncomfortable and can even lead to sore feet. Cotton socks are highly recommended. Golf players often go for brown leather belts, though one is usually at the discretion to wear any kind.

·         Hats, Caps, Gloves: Hats, caps and gloves are seen as extras for golf sport. A hat or cap can be appealing while spicing up your outfit. Examples of common caps and hats for golf are Basketball caps, Visors, Cowboy hats, Bucket hats, etc. Hand gloves are mostly optional. However, you will definitely need one if you are playing for long. Usually, right-hand golf players wear gloves on the left hand while left-hand players wear on the right. Golf gloves are normally worn only on one hand.

Final Notes

Golf is one of the major sports in the world, and usually choosing the right golf clothing is as important as golf skills for one to do well in the sport of golf. A golf beginner, especially, needs a great deal of knowledge of suitable golf attires, and the styles above should help get you started.