5 Sports Events That Were Mostly Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The year 2020 had us all shocked. In the previous year 2019, every sportslover is more probable than not to have a picture of how they imagined their favorite club, (football, basketball, or soccer club0 might shape up in the following year. What their weaknesses were and how they could strengthen them.

Everyone was looking forward to a new season, or at least the completion of the ongoing one. Then tragedy struck in the form of a viral pandemic, throwing the world into chaos and raucous. The year practically had our mouths agape, growing wider each passing day.

The pandemic affected a lot of scheduled events across the world, and sport was no different. The world of professional and amateur sports felt the brunt of the tragedy both by the lack of playing time and on their finances. Fans were denied the pleasure of seeing their favorite players run all around while they cheered them on, or booed them.

A year later, and especially for the sporting world, things are looking up and improving each day. Fans are still not allowed into stadiums, but they can still watch and cheer from home in front of a TV. Are you looking to purchase your team’s jersey now that it is a bit safe again? Check out fansedge customer reviews to see if that’s a place you would be willing to get jerseys and shop workout clothes.

5 Sporting Events that Got Affected by the Pandemic

1.  The English Premier League – England’s premier soccer competition was one of the sporting events that faced the possibility of complete cancellation when the pandemic first hit. It started with a few players getting diagnosed as having caught the virus. The lack of proper testing procedure forced the league into some months’ break just as the health service tried to get the situation under control.

2.  The Champions League – The UEFA Champions’ league is another major tournament in the soccer world. Think of it as the SuperBowl of soccer. It features the best teams in the previous year from Europe’s premier leagues. The pandemic also disrupted this competition and threatened to cancel it. The authorities of the competition were able to salvage the situation by adjusting the structure of the tournament.

3.  Basketball – Two of Europe’s top basketball competitions ended the season without a distinctively naming a winner. The competition was canceled, and its restart was pushed down by five months from the day of cancellation.

4.  Formula One – The popular driving competition, which is always met with pomp and pageantry, was concluded behind closed doors to prevent the virus’s spread among fans and competitors.  The Dutch Grand Prix, which was planned to take place in 2020, and several others were postponed by a year.

5.  Boxing – In the June of 2020, a match-up between Anthony Joshua and Kubrat Pulev for the world boxing heavyweight title had to be postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Tokyo Olympic boxing qualifiers were also rescheduled.

The Pandemic affected several sporting events in the world. In fact, some sporting institutions, and even sporting bodies might never recover from the loss of revenues the coronavirus cost them.