Becoming a Football Referee, These are the Requirements

In general, the football referee is the matchmaker on the field. Referees have full rights to control the game, coaches and team officials.

The role of a referee in the world of football is a sacred role. Because, a referee has the main role as a judge or intermediary between two teams.
The task of the referee in soccer is to ensure that the match goes well and fairly and is responsible for the match that takes place.

Therefore, the role of the referee becomes a highly highlighted role in the match, especially regarding the decisions made during the match. There are many cases where the referee often issues decisions that are one-sided or controversial. Because of this one-sided and controversial decision, referees are often the target of ridicule by football connoisseurs.

A license is required to become a referee, which is obtained by attending courses officially held by FIFA-affiliated institutions. The following licenses must be owned.

C3 license

In the early stages, prospective referees must take courses to obtain a basic license in the form of C3. The organizer of this course is the district/city PSSI Branch Association (Ascab). At this stage, prospective referees will receive basic football-related education.
The material provided at this stage is according to FIFA standards. In addition to the material, course participants will also receive training and physical tests. The C3 license can be used as capital to lead amateur level matches. The price for the C3 License course is approximately IDR 2,500,000.

C2 license

The C2 Referee License can be obtained by taking the next level course. However, the condition is that an active C3 licensed referee officiates a match for at least 1 year. At this level participants will also take part in training held by the PSSI Provincial Association (Asprov) which includes theory and practice at a higher level than before. Participants will be charged a C2 License fee of approximately IDR 3,500,000.
Referees with this license can officiate provincial level football matches such as Porprov or Liga 3, Popda, or Porda.

C1 license

Referees who have pocketed a C2 license can proceed to the next stage to get a C1 license. Referee C2 will see his history and track record during his time as a referee, so candidates for C1 licensees must actively lead previous matches. Participants in this course will be charged a fee of approximately IDR 10,000,000.
The C1 License Course is held by the central PSSI as the highest football federation in Indonesia. Participants will receive materials and training that are quite complex and even more difficult. After being declared graduated and receiving a C1 license, referees can officiate matches at the national level and in League 1 and League 2.