Do Diet Pills Work?

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A new product promising to be the silver bullet in helping with weight loss is being launched every day. But do these pills, drinks or supplements work? How safe are diet pills to our bodies when consumed?

To ensure diet pills are potent, manufacturers combine several active ingredients in their diet pills. The ingredients in the pills should help you burn fat fast, slow the absorption of fat in the body or decrease your appetite. However, not all diet pills have been proven to work while others may have adverse side effects.

Here are some diet pills and supplements reviews:


According to diet product reviews, orlistat is ranked top of the list. Orlistat is popular among dieters because it is easily available. Since it’s a prescription drug, it can be sold over the counter. Orlistat prevents intestines from absorbing a lot of fat from food eaten—the result is weight loss.

Side effects associated with orlistat include uncontrollable bowel movements, diarrhea,  and stomachaches.


According to researchers this stimulant mostly found in coffee, chocolate, soft drinks, and tea is also added to diet pills to aid with weight loss. Studies carried out on obese people on diet pills containing caffeine showed they experienced weight loss as opposed to those who didn’t. 

Side effects of caffeine include insomnia, jitteriness, and increased heart rates.


Although different studies have yielded different results on the effectiveness of glucomannan with the aid towards weight loss, it cannot be dismissed. Glucomannan works by absorbing water from the stomach leaving the dieter feeling full, eating less.

Side effects associated with glucomannan include diarrhea, stomachaches and bloating or gas.


Pyruvate is an enzyme produced by the body and helps with breaking down of sugar. Pyruvate is sold as a supplement to help with weight loss. 

Side effect associated with pyruvate is bloating

Green Tea extract

If you have belly fat, then green tea extract is what your body needs. Green Tea is used in most weight loss pills because of its fat-burning properties. 

Although green tea is tolerated by the body, some users have experienced constipation, nausea, and stomachache.

Prescription diet pills

Before taking over-the-counter diet pills it’s important to consult you, doctor, first. Depending on your needs a doctor can recommend the best diet pill to help you with weight loss.


This weight loss supplement contains caffeine and plant extracts. Caffeine has been proven to aid with weight loss. Before you take hydroxycut you need to understand that it doesn’t undergo rigorous drug testing by the FDA so the side effects may vary.

Because it contains caffeine users can experience jitteriness and elevated heart rates.


If you struggle with weight and think pills are the way to go you need to understand most diet pills don’t undergo strict checks by the FDA. So, before you take any dietary pills it’s important, you consult your doctor or dietitian. Reading diet product reviews from other consumers will give you an insight into what to expect when you use diet pills.