Everything You Should Know About Travtips

We start by saying that trotting racing, or Harness Racing, is the type of horse race in which horses are pulling a two-wheeled cart or trap, and the driver handles that. Generally, it is one of the most exciting sport when it comes to betting, which is why you should try it.

The carts resemble gladiator chariots and have other names such as spiders and sulkies. In all situations, they allow drivers to steer and sit back. It is not the same thing as regular horseracing in which jockeys are riding horses.

The main reason for their name, such as trot races, is that the race uses particular gait, which is entirely different than pacing used by jockeys. You should check out the Travtips guide to understand the process of betting on this particular sport.

When it comes to the process of racing, you should know that horses tend to pull the rider-filled carts for a particular distance until they reach a finish line.

Even though it is not very popular and known across the globe, it is one of the most popular betting sports in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA as well as South American countries.

Let us start from the beginning.

What is a Trotting Race?

We can all agree that when it comes to horseracing, most people know jockey based ones without carts or carriages. Trotting is the race in which the horse is towing a carriage and driver with an idea to reach the finish line first.

Remember that they tend to dictate the pace before the race, which is why it is sufficient to understand all options available. For instance, carriage or sulky, which is the official term, can reach up to thirty miles an hour.

That is the main reason for its popularity for watching and betting.

Trotting Betting Tips and Strategy

You should have in mind that when it comes to betting, it is similar to regular horseracing, especially if you already have experience. Generally, if you have the experience, you will be able to bet on these races similarly as regular racing options.

However, it is crucial to conduct comprehensive research before you make up your mind. That way, you will be able to reduce the expenses and know who is the best based on previous races and actions.

Numerous factors can affect efficiency, including the terrain type, current weather, and previous wins, among other things.

Therefore, similarly, as you would bet on soccer or basketball, you need to be aware of the team’s previous actions so that you can predict what will happen in the future.

Things to Know About Trot Racing

1.   Standardbreds Are Used For Harness Racing

You should know that standardbred comes to an ability of the horse to trot or pace a mile under a particular amount of time so that you can register it at the official registry. Therefore, that started as a foundation on things that we call breed nowadays.

Therefore, your horse breed has to meet the requirements and needs so that it can reach the point of becoming a racing horse. Even though they are bred for speed at first, they are much more efficient when it comes to other aspects such as strength and agility, among other things.

Keep in mind that this particular race comes with two options for operating in the field. It can either trot or pace. Generally, they are bred to be either trotters or pacers, while some of them can handle both aspects as well.

The effectiveness when it comes to pacing comes from genetic predisposition, and it depends on the gait keeper gene, which is something you need to remember beforehand.

2.   Races Are One Mile Long

Trot racing relies on tradition, which is why the same distance is used for hundreds of years since the beginning of this particular type of sport. However, it is still standing when it comes to mileages, which is why you should expect the same length each time you decide to bet or watch.

Of course, occasionally, you will see that things will change up when they reach the end, which is why you should consider all aspects before you enter the point of betting.

3.   Mobile Starting Gate

Another exciting thing about trot racing is that it starts behind a moving starting gate. The horses tend to line up attached to the starting gate, and as soon as they reach the starting moment, the vehicle will pull away, and the race will start as a result.

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4.   Horses Are Fast and Strong

It would help if you had in mind that these horses are highly efficient when it comes to speed and strength. In some situations, they can easily reach up to thirty miles per hour, depending on the level of breeds that are competing and other factors as well.

Keep in mind that at the start of the race, as they are gaining momentum, they can reach up to thirty-five miles per hour. According to previous results, the world record is thirty-four miles per hour for the entire mile, which is much faster than Usain Bolt is, for instance.