Daily exercise to do during Christmas so as not to gain weight

With Christmas fast approaching by every closing day, a lot of fanfare, eating, and drinking is predominant around these periods. A lot of dietary plans people may have observed in the year will be ruined because several people will let down their guard on the type of food they consume. Studies have shown that the majority of people gain additional weight during the holiday season that starts Thanksgiving Day and ends with the New Year celebrations. As we know excessive eating is one of the causes of weight gain, but lack of physical exercise is also one of the causative factors of uncontrolled weight gain. Most people neglect their fitness routine around this period and stay idly, eating with claims that there’s isn’t enough time to hold up with their workout sessions. With the Holiday seasons over, lots of people will be seen at the gym in a bid to cut down on all the fat they’ve gathered. There are exercise tips for celebrating Christmas and New Eve that if adhered to properly will help with less weight gain this season.

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Daily exercise tips for Christmas

We’ve got here five festive themed exercises that would ensure you stay fit and burn those calories during the entire celebrations and not come out looking like a balloon. Online sport shops reviews would come in handy when deciding which workout routine is suitable for the Christmas holiday.

Star jumps

The star jumps are a good place to start with when looking for exercise types to sustain around this period. This starts with the legs bent at the knees. Then, explode up as high as possible, spreading the arms and legs further away from the body. When landing, keep bending the knees until you can touch the floor on either side of the hands. This type of exercise is often referred to as the jumping jack. It’s called “staddle hop” in the US military. There are different variations to this type of exercise, some of them include more intensive versions of the jump such as bending down and touching the floor in between each jump. Some of its variations include power jacks, which are similar to jumping jacks, except a person squats lower and jumps as high as possible during each repetition. Half jacks, this was created to prevent rotator cuff injuries, which is linked to repetitive movements of the exercise. They resemble regular jumping jacks but the arms go halfway above the head instead of above.

Snow Angels (side plank with leg lift)

To kick start this exercise, you would need a mat. Planking is an effective exercise to strengthen the core muscles, as well as shoulders, arms, and gluteus. From a side plank position, press down into the floor with the bottom foot while trying to lift the top of the leg as high as possible. It is not advisable to drop the hips throughout this process. repeat the movement on the other side to complete the exercise.

Reindeer Kicks

An exercise mat would be needed for this exercise. For this exercise, one is needed to get down on their hands and knees, while keeping the core tight, back straight and face down, kick back with one leg, squeezing the glutes. Bend the knees and lower the leg to return to the starting position. Repeat with the opposite leg.

Sleigh-Bell Swings

This involves a full-body exercise, the kettlebell or sleigh bell swing not only builds strength, but also improves posture, cardiovascular fitness, and athletic ability. The exercise is carried out by placing the kettlebell on the floor between the feet and squatting down to grab the handle with both hands. Standing back up with weight, keeping the shoulder back, and back straight. Then driving the heels, push from the hips to send the weight upwards around the chest height. As it descends, the kettlebell does the work as you then smoothly transition into the next swing, hinging at the hips in every rep.

Overhead Press-ents

Standing with the feet and shoulders apart at a reasonable distance, holding a pair of dumbbells at the shoulder level, with the arms bent and palms facing each other. Then bracing with the abs, press the weight above the head until the arms are seen to be straight. What happens next, is that the dumbbells are returned to the shoulder to complete one full rep. It is advisable to do each exercise for that would get the heart rate pumping.

Push-Up Tap

This exercise starts on the floor in planks on palms facing a wall, about an arm’s length away, then a push-up, at the top of the pushup, the right hand is tapped to the wall, and the left hand is also tapped on the wall, this can be continued for 30 seconds to 1 minute. This should carefully be carried out to avoid mistakes as mistakes could lead to injuries.

After you may have completed some or all of the above workout patterns, you can be rest assured that no matter what you consume, you won’t add up additional weight in the new year. But the routine must be judiciously followed to the letter if the dividends would be reaped.